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Why “Crazy” and “Jerk” are Lazy

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The link in my last post only works for some people, so I’m reblogging it here! Check out my guest-post!

Stories that Must Not Die

She texted me again.

Really? That bitch is crazy. It’s been two months. She needs to move on.

Stuck between a bench and a table stacked with freshly poured beers, I felt compelled to add my two cents to a conversation between my boyfriend’s friends, regardless of whether they were equipped with an open coin-slot. Don’t get me wrong — smart guys, but emotional maturity might not have been their strong suit. The discussion was about one of their ex-girlfriends that he broke up with over a text-message he didn’t compose. Although the dump-ee seconded the emotion, he was clearly distraught by her words. Distraught might only be a small overreach. Only a small one. Perhaps it was easier to go along.

My response to him was a soft, “I have empathy for her. Maybe she should move on, but she isn’t crazy. That’s a strong word. She has feelings…

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Author: LA Feist

Aiming to inspire others to make the most of what they have today without compromising quality of life or settling for less than desired (all the while convincing herself).

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