truth slayer


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There was always mischief in my round eyes,

but the curls in my hair


the imbalance

when the big eyes dropped off


from the news on TV —

my mother no longer allowed me to watch.

With a flick of her wrist,

we’d watch trivia.

To my frown, she would say,

“I know that made you sad, but the best

way to get through it is to

fake it, till you make it.”

When I faked it, I felt it, and if I felt it,

it couldn’t be fake.

She built me with genuine bones,

and the adage translated to us as,

“Act it, and you shall feel it,”

and I held onto that belief

until my eyes were more proportionate

to the roundness in my face,


the curls soften the


of a bad repair,

where the broken pieces didn’t quite fit


the same way

as they once did.

Maybe it’s the added


I’m allergic to artificial.

You can melt it with a small match,

but I’ll take Grand Gestures

for 1000 please.












Author: LA Feist

Aiming to inspire others to make the most of what they have today without compromising quality of life or settling for less than desired (all the while convincing herself).

One thought on “Trivia.

  1. lovely, quite inner driven, and outer regulated, rather artficially saying it if the imbalance can be tilted back it will take something genuine, as you may feel it and if it stays with you long enough it may imbalance you to act on it rather to fake it, and that is so much more once you know it is there, and that is something no one can do for you.

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